Al is 4 months old!! Last Thursday..

My little koala is 4 months old already! (well, actually last Thursday on the 14th, but i totally forgot to post it here) With so many things that he can do, i really am a proud mama..

Foto ini sebagai bukti pencapaian Al di umur 4 bulan : bisa tengkurap sendiri.. 😀 Orang kadang banyak yang bilang ‘kalo sakit berarti mo nambah kepinteran’ , aku amin-in aja deh, soalnya kan kemaren doi sempet sakit tuh. Dulu kalo orang nanya ‘Alif udah bisa apa aja?’, biasanya Rian akan jawab ‘Udah bisa nangis, bisa nyusu, bisa pipis, dan bisa ee’ 🙂 Hihihi.. So funny.. Sekarang pertanyaan yang sama bisa dijawab dengan lebih keren ‘Udah bisa diajak ngobrol, udah bisa tengkurep, udah bisa ketawa-ketawa,…’

This is another pic of Al’s achievement :

If you wonder what this is, well.. Bisa tidur miring! Haha! I was really shocked and proud also when he slept in this position. He was rolling around the bed and got tired, so i tried to breastfeed him on the bed (i usually breastfeed him on my lap), and suddenly he just fell asleep in that position. So cute..

And i say it once again.. I am a proud Mama..


Love you my little koala..


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