I’m back!

The last few months I’ve been too busy with baby Al and everything, so I didn’t have the time to blog.. And I miss it so much! So many things to share, and so many pictures too 🙂 Ok, where can I start?………

I think I’m gonna start with Al’s 1st Birthday! Happy (belated) Birthday darling!

Ulang tahun Al yang pertama dilewatkan tanpa si Papa yang sudah harus balik ke Makassar setelah 2 bulan di Jakarta. But we managed to get through it 🙂 Udah lama banget pengen nyobain cupcakesnya Cupcakes Company, jadi pesen deh sekalian buat kue ultahnya Al. And it tastes as good as it looks.. Yummy! Red velvetnya yang paling aku suka, topping cream cheesenya endang bambang cyin, alias enak banget :9
Al's birthday cupcakemini cuppiesnom..nom..nom..


I think he had a fun time at his birthday, though he was a little sicky at that time.. Anak mama dan papa tersayang, semoga panjang umur, sehat selalu, murah rejeki, jadi anak soleh, pintar, cerdas, baik hati, ganteng, dan berbakti sama orang tua… Amien..

Love you our sweet little koala.. :*


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